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Selling your boat through Karl Farrant

Some frequently asked questions regarding selling a boat through Karl Farrant
Q:        Can you sell our boat if she is not with you?

A:        Our advice is that we can always sell your boat faster if your boat is with us; however we can sell your boat where ever she is moored or stored.

Q:        What are the next steps in placing our boat with you for sale?

A:        We meet with you onboard to appraise your boat, agree on the best way forward to present your boat for sale and agree terms.

Q:        What are the costs for selling our boat?

A:        Our commission rates are set the same as the industry standard @ 8% plus V.A.T on the eventual selling price of your boat. We have a minimum commission rate of £2,000 V.A.T. In some cases where boats are sold abroad or in tax havens such as the Channel Islands, sale’s can be V.A.T. free. For sales in Europe or beyond there can be the addition of travel expenses.

Q:        Do I need to keep my boat insured whilst for sale?

A:        As with all boats they can only be insured via their owners, so yes please keep your boat insured until sold.

Q:        Who is responsible to keep our boat clean whilst she is for sale?

A:        To try to achieve the highest price for you boat they need to be kept clean and tidy. This can be carried out by yourselves or we are pleased to organise this for you on a regular basis.

Q:        How is it best for us to present our boat for sale and can we still use our boat whilst she is for sale?

A:        We actively encourage our owners to regularly visit and use their boats, however please bear in mind most buyers will probably be looking at boats for sale at the same times you may be out on yours. We advise to clear as much of your own personal items as possible, stripped back to the bare essentials.

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